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Baader 8" Clamp (fits Sidewing-System), suitable for 10Micron/Baader 8" dovetail bar #1454540, Sidewing #2451558, as well as for Planewave OTA's CDK 17, CDK 20 and CDK 24

EUR 480,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


Baader-Sidewing (use on left or right side) for 8" Clamp #2451555

EUR 615,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


Baader heavy-duty 8" double mounting plate, for up to 100kg - pre-drilled for many bars and clamps, eg.: Baader Pan EQ clamps 190mm, 230mm, 370mm or an additional 8" Planewave Clamp

EUR 650,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


Baader H-alpha 7nm CCD Narrowband-Filter 31mm

EUR 140,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


Baader f/2 Highspeed-Filter H-alpha 31mm

EUR 145,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


Baader f/2 Highspeed-Filter O III 31mm

EUR 135,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


Baader f/2 Highspeed-Filter S II 31mm

EUR 139,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


Baader f/2 Highspeed-Filter Set 31, consisting of H-?, O III, S II

EUR 375,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


Counterweight 3kg made of V2A stainless steel, 140x30mm, bore 30mm

EUR 85,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


CDP Counterweight 6 kg (with CDP = Camera Docking Port ") made of V2A stainless steel 140x60mm, bore 40mm - may be extended up to 56mm

EUR 129,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


CDP Counterweight 8,5 kg (with CDP = Camera Docking Port ") made of V2A stainless steel 160x60mm, bore 40mm - may be extended up to 56mm

EUR 149,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


CDP Counterweight 12,5 kg (with CDP = Camera Docking Port ") made of V2A stainless steel 160x90mm, bore 40mm - may be extended up to 56mm

EUR 189,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


Steeldrive Focusing System* for Baader Steeltrack focuser incl. Handcontroler

EUR 345,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


Steeldrive Focusing System* for Baader Steeltrack focuser for use with LVI SG-2 - NOT suitable for all 2" Diamond Steeltrack Focussers

EUR 319,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


Steeldrive hand control box

EUR 59,00
(incl. local tax 22% )


Baader Machine-Grease #1 Teflon-Brown, from -15C up to +55C - very good dampening characteristics, very suited for enabling "less than perfect" mount drives to run smoothly. Not suitable for permanent use below -10 C

EUR 9,50
(incl. local tax 22% )


Baader Machine-Grease #2 Teflon-White, from -25C up to +40C - this is the grease we use the most when refurbishing quality mounts - with brilliant slipping-properties, ultra low slip-stick tendency and longlife-stability - suitable f

EUR 9,50
(incl. local tax 22% )


Baader Machine-Grease #3 Arctic-Cool, from -55C up to +30C - excellent grease-quality for low temperature application as prevailant at polar-circle regions - not suitable for permanent use at temperatures above 25C

EUR 9,50
(incl. local tax 22% )


Baader Machine-Grease #4 Ultra-Range, from -50C up to +60C - wide stretched synthetic grease with constant viscosity across an extremely large temperature-range. Especially suitable for use in the mirror sliding fittings of SC-telescop

EUR 39,50
(incl. local tax 22% )





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