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DIAGONALI A SPECCHIO. Baader Planetarium
DIAGONALI A SPECCHIO. Baader Planetarium
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Baader Planetarium - BP2456115
Baader 2" BBHS (broadband hardsilver coating) con trattamento dielettrico ad altissima trasmissione. Scocca in metallo. Portaoculari click lock 2"
Baader 2" BBHS® Mirror Diagonal, black housing with 2" ClickLock-Clamp (BBHS = broadband hardsilver coating w. dielectric protective overcoating)
EUR       425,00 disponibile
EUR 348,36 + local tax VAT 22%. Only for EU customer    

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Also the Baader 2" BBHS Mirror Diagonal with 2" ClickLock-Clamp (BBHS = broadband hardsilver coating with dielectric protective overcoating) now is featuring this lift into the silver category. The black housing now is upgraded with a 2" Clicklock-clamp and the all-new protected hard-silver is being applied onto the Sitall glasss-ceramic mirror. This combination reflects the full spectrum between 400 and 2000 nm without any light loss. If you really want the best product and or want to work in the IR-passband, choose this star diagonal. 

For more than 300 years, silver coatings were used for their extremely high reflectivity but the unprotected silver was prone to aging and tarnished. This is not the case with our new, proprietary and weatherproof coating of hardened silver. As has been proven, the combination of silver and temperature-resistent Sitall gives you the best viewing experience, without any light-loss, with total absence of haze. Just try it for yourself - you`ll be impressed with the clarity of the image! Again - you must demand the absolute best star diagonal there is - in order to decide for our hard-silver BBHS-star-diagonals.

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